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Midwest Conference Service has one of the largest inventories of poster boards in the region.

All our poster boards are 4’h x 8’w set horizontally and 8’h x 4’w set vertically. The grey board material provides a neutral background for your presentation materials to stand out!

  • We supply you with the pushpins you will need for the amount of boards you rent.  You can also use Velcro to attach your presentation materials to our poster boards.

  • Each poster board is double sided.

  • We can customize your poster board setup with drape or hard wall for separation or backdrops

  • We can provide lighting for each board to make the materials more visible, especially in some of the poorer lit conference rooms or convention halls

MCS will setup and take down all your poster boards how and when you need it. All you need to bring is your posters or presentation materials. We handle the rest!

The Difference

  At Midwest Conference Service, we take great care of our inventory.  When it comes to display boards, we feel it is of the utmost importance that the boards are in flawless condition.  We have been a witness to other provider’s lack of inventory management and maintenance and we often see products we would be embarrassed to represent.  With Midwest Conference Service, you know you will get the highest quality product every time.  We won’t put damaged or beat up poster boards on your show floor.  We have built in redundancies to account for any boards that may get damaged in delivery so that we deliver a consistently perfect product.  Our poster boards are of the finest quality in the industry.

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