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shipping & warehousing

Midwest Conference Service understands the importance of making sure shipments are properly managed.  We make it a top priority to ensure your goods arrive at the event site on time and in their correct destination so you are never searching for your items on the show floor.  We take great care and pay close attention to shipments to ensure the items are safely and properly handled and tracked in our management system.  If you ship your items following our prescribed processes, to our advance warehouse, you will have the peace of mind knowing that things will be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.  Follow the detailed instructions for shipping listed in your exhibitor kit and contact us if you have any questions.

MCS handles exhibitor freight, advance storage, plus of the all inbound and outbound shipments on the day of the event.  We also maintain a service desk at the show to assist with the move in, move out, and assisting exhibitors with shipping arrangements.  If you have any questions on show site, please feel free to visit our service desk and speak with one of our highly trained associates.  They will be there during the move in time and 90 minutes prior to the show close.

Need to ship to the show?  Midwest Conference Service handles inbound and outbound freight at each event during the targeted facility exhibitor move in/out time.  Many facilities do not allow direct shipments and will refuse your shipment so make sure to pay close attention to your exhibitor kit and the shipping instructions.  You can only ship your items directly to the facility during targeted facility move in time and date.  Please contact one of our service representatives if you have any questions on how to ship your items to the event.

Need to store your items in our warehouse for a period of time before it ships to the next show?  We can store your items and ship them to their destination when ready. 


  • Properly Mark Your Shipment - make sure to label the shipment with the exhibiting company’s name, not just your name.

  • Ship in advance to our warehouse - this helps make sure your items will be where you need them

  • Prepare to provide payment with a credit card


  • Label your shipment with just your name

  • Ship resort and delivered at the targeted move in directly to the facility unless it is a last time and date.

  • Leave your items in your booth without proper shipping information or labels - they will become “forced freight” and will lead to additional charges

  • Expect to receive shipments until they have been paid for

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